Welcome to my world! This blog is created as my art work gallery. My favorite is doing sketch projects or other fine art works. LOVE to do something with 2 things: heart and art sense. Appreciate me by no copying and stand up for originality. Supa fly! ~pramita handarini~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Victorian Die

I see a stranger

You scared me!

It's new wind

Green wasn't always freakin me out

She commonly acts

I'm kinda paranoid

We're 4 fightin for golden life in Neverworld

Little Enthus and Mimi come to this Neverworld

Waiting for their 2nd child

Waiting for their premiere

Tuesday, August 16, 2011





Mr Shapes Launching

Between 8 and 5

So meaningless bear :(

I designed this special for my High School Graduation Party 2011

Broken White by Pramita Handarini